It’s the end of the month which for me means setting up my bullet journal for the next month. This is always a fun opportunity to let my creative juices flow, look at my Pinterest inspiration board, and create some new layouts.

If you haven’t started a bullet journal and don’t know what it looks like to set up a new month, here is a list of all my pages for the month (along with all the supplies I used).

Monthly Layout


This monthly layout was inspired by this from Natalie at Pages2Plans on Instagram.

I always include a list of the days so I can jot down whatever I have going on. This makes it easy to look at the month in one glance. I prefer the list view to a more typical calendar view, but I do like including a mini calendar of the month (like you see on the bottom of the right page).

The “goals” section is something I started including in my monthly layout back in March. It’s where I put down whatever I need to accomplish for the month to make progress toward my yearly goals (I make year-long goals instead of “New Years resolutions,” but I’ll write on that more in December). Including this section has been a helpful reminder as I look at this page a lot throughout the month.

My “tasks” are more of some general “to do’s” for the month. This is a great place to jot things down until I can make all my weekly layouts.

Extra monthly Pages


This month, I have a few extra pages that I don’t always include but felt like I needed to for the month ahead.

Habit Tracker


There are some new and old habits I’m wanting to be intentional about this month, so I decided to include a habit tracker. I’ll list all the things I want to do regularly on the left and each day I’ll note which things I was able to do.

Monthly Reflections


This is my first time doing a monthly reflections page, and I’m super exited about it. I’m hoping to keep track of any big thoughts or ideas or “reflections” that I have during the month of September. This is one of the ways that I’m going to try to do more journaling this month.

Weekly Layout


This is the weekly layout I’ve used off and on since January, and it was inspired by this Instagram post by Emma at PeaceLoveandPens. This is my newest variation of this layout. I will likely recreate this for each week this month, although I may make a few changes as needed.



I always include space for each day of the week. This is to keep track of any appointments, events, or to do’s for each day. I also use the “hustle” area to write down whatever I need to get done for the week.

Brain Dump


“Brain dump” is a common phrase in the bullet journal community, but if you haven’t heard it before, it can sound a little silly. It’s pretty much just a space to let yourself free write and get down on paper anything that is on your mind. As I said, I’m wanting to journal more, so I think this will be a very useful space to have available each week.


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To create my September layout, I used a pencil and these three things:

The  Essentials Dot Matrix Notebook is the bullet journal I have been using for the last year, and I really like it. The dot grid just makes creating layouts easier. The paper is also thick enough that ink rarely bleeds through (unless I’m using a marker or my fountain pens).

I always use Sharpie Pens when I’m creating my layouts. They are good at making a clear, dark line without bleeding through the paper. To be clear, I don’t use Sharpie markers because those do bleed. However, in my experience Sharpie pens don’t bleed through the paper. If you are interested in getting them for your bullet journal, make sure you note the difference in markers vs pens. I also use my Sharpie pens for faux brush lettering as you can see in all my headings.

I just got this new Tombow Dual Brush Pen to work on my hand lettering. I’m still practicing using the brush tip for that, but I don’t quite have the hang of it yet. I loved the olive color, though, so I used the fine tip to make lines and to write with for this month’s layout.


So that’s my September bullet journal layout! If you have any questions or feedback, just leave me a comment or send me a message through my contact page!


BuJo September 2018 Setup Pin

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  • Wow! That’s amazing! You’re extremely talented! I did NOT realize that it was a dot journal until you said so. Hey, I think it’d be a great idea if you could somehow make them printable. Maybe through a scanner or some thing? I’d love to use your monthly layouts. Then, I could show them off and tag you for the credit. Something to think about sister!

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