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Happy New Year everyone!

Yes, I know almost a month has gone by, but it’s still January, so it counts in my book!

I had almost filled my old bullet journal (if you don’t know what a bullet journal is, check out my blog post here), so I decided to start fresh in a new journal for 2019. I love getting to set up a new bullet journal because there is so much possibility! All those blank pages just mean potential for full ones! Since I’ve been using a bullet journal for a little over a year now, I knew which layouts I needed to get the year started off on a good note (which to me means being organized and productive).

For those of you who are interested in starting a bullet journal, curious about what it is, or just want to get new ideas, this is how I have set up mine for the new year! I had hoped to get this post up earlier this month, but… life! And it took me a little while to get my bullet journal set up for 2019 since I got it on December 30.

To start, this is my new bullet journal! I was very excited to get the Leuchtturm1917 in Nordic Blue for this year. The one I previously had was black, and though it worked great, I wanted something new.


2019 Future Log

Pic Wide Template

I used a sharpie pen and my turquoise Zebra Highlighter to create this layout. I set up my future log a little differently this year, doing a calendar at a glance on the left and space to write down important dates on the right. That’s where I take note of any upcoming events, appointments, trips, etc. throughout the year. I don’t put birthdays on this page; those are relegated to my Birthdays and Anniversaries spread…

Pic Template-3

This is almost identical to last year’s Birthdays and Anniversaries page. It just worked so well in my last journal, I kept it simple and reused the basic layout.


Pic Wide Template-3

As I mentioned in my previous blog post (here) I like to set goals for the year instead of New Years resolutions. By keeping them all written in the same place, it’s easy to refer to when I’m looking at what I need to do for the month.

While I did have a Goals page last year, this time I added an Actionable Steps page. This is where I will list what I need to do in each quarter to work toward my goals.

One of my action steps for the first quarter was creating trackers for my goals…

Pic Wide Template-4

None of them needed much room, so I kept them on one spread. I also didn’t want to spend too much time on the layout, so I kept it simple and just spiced it up with a little bit of color using my Sharpie Pens and new Fineliner Pens.

I didn’t set a goal for reading this year, but I did decide to keep tracks of the books I read in 2019, so I made this fun page, inspired by many others from Pinterest.

Pic Template-4

I also decided to create a cleaning page, to keep myself accountable (again, inspiration coming from Pinterest).

Pic Template-2


Pic Wide Template-2

My monthly layouts have all looked very similar with some little tweaks here and there. This one is different in how I did the calendar on the bottom of the left page (yes, I did mess up while I was doing it and has to cross/scribble out a few things). The big calendar doesn’t necessarily serve much purpose for me, so I don’t think I’ll be replicating it for February.

As usual, I have a To Do and a Goals section on my monthly layout so I can look at the big picture and make sure I’m keeping up with my goals (one of my goals for this month was to publish a blog post, so check!).

Pic Template

With all the other pages I was creating to set up the year, my January weekly layouts stayed very simple. I make sure I have some space for each day, but leave the opposite page blank for any lists or notes I need to take for the week.

There you have it! That’s how I set up my 2019 bullet journal. If you want to check out some of my related posts, you can find them here:

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New Year Bullet Journal Setup Pin

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